‘Sacramento least expected yet most extremely dope rapper’

When the editor of one of Sacramento’s biggest hip hop publications calls you “Sacramento’s least expected yet most extremely dope rapper,” a high bar has been set.

That’s what Robbie Metcalf of HOFisBetter had to say about local musician Alex Salveson; the seventeen year-old part-time Togo’s employee, part-time rapper and part-time American River College student.

Salveson, who is working on his second EP “Bad Acid, says he has been writing rap lyrics since he was in the sixth grade and recorded his first song in the seventh grade.

“I got out of class and my dad took me to his house and was like ‘Yo, I heard you’re writing raps and stuff. Here, we’re going to do this right now,’” he says.

Andrew and Alex Salveson then proceeded to record an entire song right there on the spot.

“What always bothers me about him [my dad], is he makes the coolest verses and he writes them in 10 minutes,” Alex Salveson said.

At Salveson’s last show at the Starlite Lounge, his father, Andrew Salveson, got a chance to show the crowd just how good his lyrics were.

After Alex Salveson’s set ended with the crowd chanting for an encore, he instead handed the microphone to his dad who then proceeded to rap to a room of stunned audience members.

“I definitely wouldn’t be rapping if [my dad] didn’t rap,” Salveson said.

It isn’t the first time Salveson has found a way to include his family into his music.

During his set at the Starlite, Salveson said the next song he was going to play was one that he hated performing.

The song, called “Blessed”, was written two days after Salveson flipped his car three and a half times while coming home from a camping trip in Clearlake.

“Two days after I flipped, I was like I’m going to write and record this,” Salveson said. “I’ve got to do this now. ”

Salveson escaped the wreck without any serious injuries whatsoever, but to him, the true blessing came from something else.

“My sister was supposed to come back with me on a camping trip,” Salveson said. “If she had been in the car,” Salveson’s said as his voice trailed off. “The passenger side of the car is just destroyed. She would be dead right now.”

Salveson has made a name for himself in the short time that he has been performing his music live.

His fearlessness on the stage has earned him respect in a musical genre that isn’t known for taking it easy on newcomers and his honesty on the microphone has earned him the respect of fellow rappers like Anthony Giovanni, AKA Sparks Across Darkness.

“I think Alex is a 30 year-old emcee trapped in a young man’s body. He’s got a style that is wise and sharp beyond his age. I think he could end up being one of the biggest rappers in our region one day. I’m excited to see how good he is in 10 years,” Giovanni said.

Salveson recently released a music video for his song “Fiend”. He and a friend recorded the entirety of it on Salveson’s smartphone.

“I think it looks cool… I made the video and I was editing it and I’m like ‘the quality looks like crap because it’s on my phone.’ So then I threw the VHS overlay on top of it… [Well] I thought it was cool until some guy said I looked like a Domino’s delivery driver,” Salveson joked.

Ever the perfectionist, Salveson says he ensures that every bit of music he puts out meets his standards.

“I listened to ‘Fiend’ 50 times before I released it,” Salveson said.

Salveson will be releasing his “Bad Acid” EP in the near future.

Salveson’s music can be found on Soundcloud at: https://soundcloud.com/alexsalveson.

Link to ARCurrent Post: http://www.arcurrent.com/arts-culture/2017/03/24/sacramentos-least-expected-but-most-extremely-dope-rapper/


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