Photo Gallery: ‘Never leave a brother or sister behind’

Larry Gene King served in the United States Marine Corps from 1969-74. During that time he served two tours and was captured as a prisoner of war.

Like many veterans, when he returned home he found a society where he had trouble fitting in.

King is now homeless and has been for several years.

His story is not an uncommon one among veterans and the Veteran’s Resource Center here on campus is fighting to change that.

Open five days a week, the VRC aims to assist veterans in their transition back into everyday life to keep what happened to people like King, from ever happening again.
The VRC is located within the Student Services Building. They can be found online at

Larry Gene King salutes the California Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial at the state capitol on March 31 in Sacramento, California. King served as a United States Marine from 1969-74.
King points towards a map of Vietnam. “Anyone who tells you they weren’t scared, is either lying or they’ve never been there,” King said.
King salutes the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial. King said it was his job to come by and salute the memorial whenever he had the chance. “Never leave a brother or sister behind,” King said.
King points towards a bronze depiction of a US naval ship that was used during the Vietnam Conflict. King said that once he told his father that he had enlisted in the marines, his father called him “nuts.”
King stands in front of one of the bronze sculptures located within the California Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial on March 31. King lost his best friend during the Vietnam War. “He took the bullet I should have had,” King said.
King stands over a map of Vietnam. King served two tours in Vietnam and was captured and held as a prisoner of war in the Mekong Delta for an undisclosed amount of time.
Kings stands in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Sacramento, California. He repeats the phrase “all of us were kids,” as he scans the 5,000 names of Californians killed during the conflict.

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